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Here is a question I recently received from FOODPICKER.org:

I have pre-diabetes and am struggling to eat healthy.  My brother and his family live with me and there are tons of junk food temptations in my kitchen.  I want the entire household to start eating healthy with me, they can all benefit, but they are resistant.  Any suggestions?

Answer:  It can be difficult to get everyone on the same page and wanting to eat healthy.  Here are a few suggestions that may be of help:

  • Sit down with your brother and his family to discuss yours thoughts, ideas and goals.  Make sure to explain why it is important for both you and your family to eat healthier.  If your brothers family includes children, you can explain that you want to be a good role model for them to promote a life free of health ailments, including pre-diabetes.
  • Make meal time a family event.  Invite your brother and his family to help prepare the meals and then sit down together at the table to enjoy the meal.
  • Try rearranging the kitchen.  Designate a small area of the kitchen to less healthy snacks.  Make sure to fill majority of the kitchen/storage areas with healthier snacks that are tasteful and will help satisfy your cravings
  • Make an agreement with the individual(s) who do the grocery shopping.  For example, set a limit to how many unhealthy snacks can be purchased each trip, or how much money can be spent on these items each month.

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