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Here is a question I recently received from FOODPICKER.org

I have type 2 diabetes.  I’m kind of addicted to jawbreaker candy (especially fireballs).  How harmful is it to eat these candies and what alternatives should I try… Is fruit a good alternative?

Answer:  When comparing jawbreaker candies, including fireballs, to fruit, than fruit would be a better choice.  Both of these items contain carbohydrates, but fruit also contains vitamins, minerals and fiber that are not found in hard candies.  A medium piece of fruit contains about 15 grams carbohydrate per piece, whereas a piece of jawbreaker type candy contains roughly 10-15 grams carbohydrates.  Both of these foods will raise your blood sugar so it is important to watch your portion size.  If you find that on occasion you still need a piece of candy or sweet item to satisfy a sweet tooth, try sugar-free varieties of gums, candies, and gelatin.


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