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My husband has diabetes and this time of year we attend a lot of football games.  Before the game we often will meet up with friends for tailgating parties.  Can you give me some healthy ideas of what we can eat during the tailgate?

Answer:  Often times, football games are accompanied with high fat and calorie dense items, including burgers, hot dogs, chips and other treats.  Below are a few tips that can lead to a healthier tailgate party and football season:

  • Choose  grilled lean cuts of meat such as skinless chicken breast instead of a cheeseburger or bratwurst
  • Drink no/low calorie beverages such as water or diet soda rather than full calorie sodas or alcoholic beverages
  • Opt for salsa or guacamole with a whole/multigrain chip or pita instead of high fat dips
  • Choose fresh fruits, vegetables and salads for side items and snacks instead of chips, popcorn or candy

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