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Here is a question I recently received from FOODPICKER.org

I am trying to find a class for our grandson.  He is 19 and has a part-time job but no insurance.  He just found out last week that he has type 1 diabetes after losing a lot of weight and his blood sugar was 523.  He is on insulin but needs to go to a class to manage his diabetes without going hungry.  Where do we start?  Any suggestions would help us a lot.

Answer: Begin by calling the facility that diagnosed him.  Often times, they will either provide education services or refer you to another facility.  If you find this does not work, visit the American Association of Diabetes Educators website to find an educator in your area.

In the mean time, take a look at the American Diabetes Association website at to learn more.  This is a great website for basic information, potential complications, tips for parents (grandparents too),  recipes and more.


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